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Cody K.

Midwest Vein Center Downers Grove


“If you are searching for a truly gifted vein specialist, that takes a personal interest in his patients while maintaining a very efficient office, I can attest that Dr. Sanofsky and his staff completely fit the bill. I can’t recommend Midwest Vein Center enough!”

June 2016

Jean F.

Midwest Vein Center Chicago


” Dr. Linder did an ultrasound and then went into great detail informing me of this vein and why the other “injections” from the others weren’t working. She went in with a laser into the vein and killed IT! Yay, it’s gone. I’m loving my legs big time.”

July 2016

Donna R

Midwest Vein Center Glenview


“Dr. Propes and his entire staff were wonderful!! I can’t say enough good things about my experience at Midwest Vein in Glenview. I was pleased to see that they realize a patient’s time is as valuable as the Dr.’s time. No waiting, waiting, waiting. Every visit I was taken on time … impressive! ”

May 2016

Tracy T.

Midwest Vein Center Chicago


“Very pleased with the experience at Midwest Vein Center. All of the staff was very professional and courteous. The doctor took his time to explain the procedures and answer any questions we had. I felt very comfortable with him from the first time I met him.  I would highly recommend this center to anyone.”

July 2016

Carol M.

Midwest Vein Center Chicago


“I never waited for a single appointment and every visit was a professional, friendly and compassionate visit. They got me “brand new legs” and I was able to wear shorts again after many years of sparing the public the sight of my varicosity covered legs. Thanks, MVC/Chicago!!”

September 2016

Laurel D.

Midwest Vein Center Orland Park


“I am so pleased with the professional and great team that has worked with me. Dr. Terpstra and her team are the best!!!”

August 29, 2015

Linda A.

Midwest Vein Center Downers Grove


“Dr. Sanofsky was very professional and had a great personality and compassionate. The staff was friendly and very responsive to my needs, also very professional. ”

April 13, 2015

Tanya G

Midwest Vein Center Downers Grove


“Megan does an awesome job on my veins! The assistants make me feel comfortable & also do a great job. The office is soothing–I like the waiting room especially! It’s the only doctor’s office I look forward coming to. 🙂 Thanks! ”

April 23, 2015

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